E-Cabs is a Electronic newsletter especially for the events carried out by Srinivasan Engineering College published once in every quarter of the year.

The attitude of a person measures the altitude of his success. the world is viewed differently by everyone, and it is an individuals perception that governs his ambition and the way he view the opportunities in this world.

Success and by implications happiness, Is not determined by how much you earn or your success is determined by how much you earn or your station in life success is determined by whether or not you achieve your chosen goals in your life. whatever they might be. Each person goals are different and may even change during the course of his or her life.

What turns goals and dreams and limited objectives, into reality. success are attitude, one brings to the work of living and doing. If you have an attitude that is appropriate to your objective, success is assured. You cannot fear blood and be a good (or) dislike people and be an effective manager, you cannot be small minded and expect to achieve big things.

It is essential for every individual to crystallize his vision in order to develop his own paradigm and path to success. Once you are clear on what you want to do with your life, your success will depend on how well you cultivate, improve and change the attitude needed to keep you on target.

This is an ongoing exercise throughout life one must regularly reflect on ones attitudes and activity arouses form the stand point of the goal and make changes. Where necessary. It is in this connection the E-Cabs will be released soon and it contains more inspiring. Events in all aspects of activity of every department, in sec in a very accessible electronic format. E-Cabs will help you develop the habits of reflection of events in a highly enjoyable way.

Patron in-chief Shri.A.Srinivasan, Chairman
Managing Editor Dr. K. Elangovan, Principal
Editor in-chief Mr.A.Rajkumar, Vice-principal
Associate Editor Dr.N.Vijai anand, Head-Management Studies
Executive Editor Mr.Ramesh, Trainer-Placement cell
Editorial advisory board Mr.B.Ramesh, Assistant Professor-MBA
Mr.M.Manimaran, Assistant Professor-MBA
Mr.S.Prasanna, Assistant Professor-MBA
Mr. Issac Johny Rajadurai, Assistant Professor-MBA
E-CAB 2012 Volume 1
E-CAB 2013 Volume 2
E-CAB 2013 Volume 3

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